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Home Sweet Home Tutoring is your one-stop shop for your child's tutoring solutions and New York State standardized-test preparatory courses. Our highly qualified team of tutors is able to help your child improve academically through personalized, individual classes and one-on-one study sessions in almost any subject. Each course is specially tailored to each student's need.

Home Sweet Home Tutoring specializes in elementary school students (K-5) as well as middle school entrance exams such as the Mark Twain Entrance Exam and 3rd to 5th grade New York Statewide Tests. In addition, we offer custom solutions tailored to your needs, personality and academic strengths and weaknesses.

Our theme is a home- based surrounding and a stress free environment, offering the best quality tutoring to our future leaders. For the past three years we have brought our service into a home environment which helps foster better learning for all children. We specialize in working with small groups of about 8-10 where students will receive full attention from our tutors. Our program is tailored to each student according to their needs and academic level to create a curriculum to help the student succeed.  In order to provide the best quality tutoring for our students, communication between parents, tutors, and students is very important and it is one of our main focuses. With our experienced and high quality tutors, we will provide the best academic enhancement for your child to succeed!


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