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Registration is now open for After School Programs and Weekend Programs for 2019-2020 school year! Free pick up from school, free snacks, and small groups. 

After school includes pick up from school (PS 95, 97, 200, 186, 748, 163, 229, Cavallaro, and others)

Call 917-803-8871 for details. Space is limited

Best of 2016 in Brooklyn! Award Winning Three Years in a Row!

Home Sweet Home Tutoring has been selected for the 2015 & 2014 Best of Brooklyn Award in the Tutoring Service category by the Brooklyn Award Program.

Small Class Ratios

How will tutoring be effective if there are 20 students or more in each class or group. At Home Sweet Home Tutoring we rather sacrafice more space and hire more tutors in order to help make our tutoring service effective. We are not here to waste your money nor time nor to cram your child into a small classroom. 


Our tutoring is done in small groups of 8. All are arranged according to age groups and grade levels. With small group tutoring, our tutors can have full attention on each student and be able to dedicate more time per student than compared to a large class. 


A young child has only so many years to learn, why waste their golden time period?

Custom Tailored Courses

Another advantage of having small class ratios is that we are able to custom tailor a course for your child. Other competitors won't be able to do this because it is very hard for a tutor to prepare a dedicated course for a specific student when there is a class of 20 to move along at the same time. When it is done in groups of 8, our tutor can pick out specific problems in a specific topic or theme in a specific subject where the student need extra help and tutor in. 


A student will never feel that he is bored because he already learned that or he is confused because we past his level where he belongs. If that's the case, we will immediately move back or move up. Each student has their strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. We pinpoint weaknesses to make them stronger in those areas. 

Parent Involvement

If we are committed to helping your child succeed, you have to also! Dropping them off and picking them up is not enough of a motivation and support for your child! That is why we involve you!


We are tutors, we are here to help. We are the extra push to help your child succeed. However, it requires the cooperation of the parents at home to make this push even more advantageous. We hope each parent can spend a little bit of time each day to review what we have helped them with or go over the work and give them a few extra exercises, or just to look after them while they complete their homework assignments that we give them. Students love to know that you care!


At Home Sweet Home Tutoring we involve our parents into the course of their child's tutoring. On the first day we build a friendly relationship with each parents, trade phone numbers, and keep in contact. After each session we would speak with you to inform you of any problems, improvements, laziness, motivation, and so on. We are a team with the  parents.

Comfortable Home Environment

After 5 days a week, 8 hours a day does your child want to be placed in another classroom for another 3 hours after school or over the weekend? It is a very stressful environment to be in and it is a lack of motivation.


The environment in which the child learns changes how the absorb the material that is being taught. If they are stressed, unmotivated, bored, just want to get out of there then you are just wasting your money. 


That is why we are called Home Sweet Home. In here, they feel like home, at least much more comfortable and stress-free. We don't have fully enclosed classrooms, we have open areas of sections, where group sessions are held. We don't have plain bland yellow walls, we have bright colored walls and sufficent lighting to make your child feel alive. You can take a look at our picture gallery for more ideas of how we look like. Welcome home.

Friendly Service

We hope we can bring our friendly service to you and your child soon!

We are not here to put more pressure on you nor your child. Ever since the first day we set up a friendly relationship with every one of our existing parents. Over time, we became actual friends with many of them.


We have the same relationship with our students. Same with the classroom environment, they don't need to face a teacher for another 3 hours. We can just be friends. Will that be a disadvantage because the student will behave poorly? No, we set the ground rules on the first day. After that each student knows how to behave and maintain this friendly relationship throughout the course. 



We are slightly priced above some competitors; however, we are still within the average price range for such services. We want to make sure we priced our service at a price point everyone can afford. All of our services are charged on a monthly basis except 1 on 1 tutoring. Please call us or visit us for more details.

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Registration has started for the 2019- 2020 school year! Space is limited, call us for details

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